How it works

Ready for your Tour

Ferrari Tour Services | How it works

Take your place in your Ferrari cars.

Turn a simple Italy  holiday into an unforgettable driving experience.

We make it very easy for you, your friends and workmates travelling with you.

  • Step 1: Choose the supercars together with us, one, two or more supercars. We can you give useful advices.
  • Step 2: Choose your circuit. Plan with us dates (start and ending), cities (all destinations you want to visit), roads (the most interesting itineraries), number of days.
  • Step 3: Start your Tour! All supercars line up: the Tour Leader (your personal assistance tour manager) opens the line; all the cars follow him on the roads; the line ends up with the Service Tour Staff Car (a second personal assistance tour manager closes the group).

You have to worry about nothing, We’ll care about everything.

What you have to do is just to seat in your car and enjoy streets and roads: the Tour Leader takes care about everything on the road.

Don’t worry about hitches: there’s always a car of Ferrari Tour Italy Staff behind ready to support.

Our Service

Ready for your Tour

Ferrari Tour Services | Our Service

Ferrari Tours. We plan every detail of your tour according to you and your needs. We manage your tour includind special services that will make even more special your experience.

Bodyguards 24 H.

Security is important for your relax: don’t worry about your or your mates safety. Two bodyguards join the tour with a specific job: to give you safety, leisure and privacy.

Auto Mechanic

Ferrari and Supercars are obviously full of astonishing technology. A skilled Mechanic is part of the tour to ensure the maximum of pleasure and no stops to your Ferrari Tour in Italy.

Tour Assistants

For everything you need there’s always one or more Tour Assistants: ask for your need, whatever you need, to them or to your Tour Manager.

Ferrari Experts in Ferrari Tours

In a few days, thanks to our competences, you will learn a lot about Ferrari, other supercars, driving techniques.  While you go through the most beautiful landscapes in Italy, you’ll get interesting knowledges about one the most appreciated car brand in the world!

Ready for your Movie?

All of our clients tell us: “it’s unforgettable, thank you very much!”. We are very proud of it, so we want to give you an important present: your tour will be shooted by a professional film maker and photographer. At the end of the tour, you’ll receive your Ferrari Tour Movie to show it to your friends and dears!

Our Assistance

Ready for your Tour

Ferrari Tour Services | Our Assistance

Total Assistance before the tour.

We carely plan everything months before your arrival. As we have collected all informations about your requests, we start with internal organization:

  1. Itinerary
  2. Tour stop-overs
  3. Overnight stays
  4. Places to visit
  5. Restaurants and leisure time
  6. Point of interest

Assistance in Tour

Our staff travels with you taking care of unexpected events. Itineraries are so planned that we do always know what to do in case of out of orders.

Mechanics, bodyguard, personal assistance staff work together as a team to optimize the entire tour.


Assistance after Tour

The tour will end, but we will be always here in Italy to answer your questions and to let you live once again an unforgettable experience! Ferrari Assistance is a special service offered by Ferrari Tour in Italy.

Exclusive Luxury


Ferrari Tour Services | Exclusive Luxury

Ferrari Tour Italy is the first and most well organized supercar Italian touring. A lot of experience, for have been working for more than twenty years in supercar&luxury car hiring in Italy. Know more about our Company…